Dear guest

We’re excited to welcome you at our restaurant. Our products are carefully selected from the region and everything is fresh and cautiously prepared.

The menu is always up to date with seasonal specialities so as you’ll always find a new delicacy to try and our “Wy-Fässli” is perfect to enjoy a glass of wine.

Please note that we have a non-smoking policy.

Sincerely your host Istvan Barnabas Molnar

Our team:

Roland Toth and Balazs Szili work their magic in the kitchen.

Host Istvan Molnar together with his wife Katalin and Renata Fodi take care of the restaurant.

Opening hours:

Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 11pm, Sunday 10am to 4pm.

If you’re planning an event with more than 10 persons we’d be delighted to open the restaurant even on a day off. Please make sure to notice us in advance.